Teradata Sr. Software Engineer - Architect (UDA) in Hyderabad, India

Architect / Sr-Advanced-Dev-Engineer - Unified Data Architecture (UDA) Team at TIES

Job Description

Teradata Labs, the technology research and development (R&D) organization within Teradata Corporation, has been turning innovative decision support technology into business results for over 30 years. Our R&D division at Hyderabad, India has been doing key Product development and innovation for the past decade or so. Our team of passionate architects, developers and engineers work to understand and advance emerging technologies to invent the next wave of cutting-edge Big-Data, analytics, predictive/prescriptive analytics solutions and Managed Cloud Platform/Distributed-Systems.

The Architect/Sr-Advanced-Dev-Engineer for Teradata Unified-Data-Architecture (UDA) team at Teradata R&D Labs @ Hyderabad India (TIES), will be responsible forhands-onE2E Architecture, design/pattern-guidance, helping with UDA Tools/Systems product(s) strategy at TIES, moving from traditional on-prem Client Side tools / systems to state of the art next gen, highly scalable and performant Product Tools and Systems that come under UDA-Product-Portfolio at TIES and lead on innovation front, leveraging latest/greatest technologies/platforms ranging from Db-technologies, DW tools/systems, Cloud-Technologies including AWS/Azure/Google/Teradata-Managed-Cloud - will be responsible for setting the tone and foundation for Architecture and leading architecture/design and sharing guidance on building all the new product development and enhancements to existing products. Putting strategy to help consolidate/retire products as appropriate and create new streams/products as appropriate, in collaboration with Architects/ProductManagers across various TD Product teams across San Diego / Rancho Bernado and Hyderabad. And help lead the team into Agile Development and Continuous Integration.

Core Teradata Tools/Systems Products that we engineer/develop out of India include : ViewPoint, TDStudio, TPT, Query-Execution-Analysis Tools, AppCenter, Our overall Client side TTU build-package-deploy strategy from current Data center world to Cloud/ world. Contributing to our overall Agile Development/Engineering transformation to future Agile Dev process/tools/systems with continuous Integration/Deployment development methodology.

We are looking for experienced hands-on Architect/Sr-Advanced-Dev-Engineer with exceptional Architecture/Design and engineering leadership in building innovative solutions as part of our UDA - Core Product Development R&D labs. We are looking for someone who can build/develop prototypes/ideas pretty quickly on their own and demonstrate why that pattern or Architecture/Design/Tool/Tech is valuable and demonstrate with simple ROI, effectively in short time, influence leaders to get approvals/decisions needed and then expand it into full-blown product development/strategy for Teradata and its customers.Help drive the transformation with migration/transition to other Environments / implementations such as Cloud , UDA technologies including Aster Data, Hadoop and connector solutions regularly in quality engineering cycle as per Teradata Program Realization Process, as well as internal engineering processes. He/she must be well versed in working in an Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Integration next gen automated dev/test environment.Leader who has great experience with the art of Agile Engineering - who share our enthusiasm and passion for technology and innovation, our expertise in creating software and solutions for our customers.

At Teradata, we know that the continued explosion of data will usher in an analytics revolution which will help our customers to grow from being an Intelligent Enterprise to "The Sentient Enterprise". Be a part of a very talented team and help us grow our presence in the next generation technologies for Teradata customers.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Lead Architect for all of our Products/Portfolio with UDA Organization at TIES, Hyderabad

  • Architect SPOC from India - working with various SME Architects for each of the UDA Tools/Systems from California, USA

  • Develop new approaches to complex design problems

  • Provide Architectural/ technical guidance to architectural/design decisions across

  • Reviews, coordinates, analyses and defines requirements for new development/enhancements

  • Generate and document technical designs including all appropriate flow charts, class, sequence, activity, data flow diagrams, database ER diagrams, descriptive software component documentation, wireframes as needed

  • Design and Develop POCs/ideas/sometimes-new-tool-system and tests applications based on customer requirements and best practices.

  • Creates required technical documentation, use cases, white papers, system and deployment architecture, and technical process/procedure documents for the group.

  • Assess the risk, problem/problem resolution and impact of changes to complex applications and solutions

  • Provide overall LOE with ability to organize & scope software development into smaller task units to provide overall product effort estimates/costs and organize into more tactical backlog

  • Interface with database/DWH/UDA oriented end-users and customer-facing groups Communicate effectively with other engineers and various stakeholders including mentoring junior developers and engineers

Work Environment: This position is located in Teradata’s R&D Labs at Hyderabad, India. This fast-paced high tech environment is perfect for individuals seeking to exercise innovative thinking to move our state of the art technology to the next level. This role is a contributing member to our Architectural needs for UDA-team at Hyderabad and potential contributions to our Agile Scrum model also - with design, architectural guidance, and mentor some of the senior developers in the group.

Skills & Attributes:

  • Complete E2E Architecture/Design capabilities in driving from concept/ideation to POC and then to product – from Architecture, Design and Development & Deployment/Operate

  • Experience in dealing with Product portfolio mix of existing and new product development and putting together strategy for consolidating in existing line-of=products and investing in future product development.

  • In-depth knowledge and extensive working experience as an multi-threaded network applications written in C/C++ Or other High-Level Lang

  • Strong understanding of Multi-process systems design including inter-process communication techniques for high-availability applications

  • Design and development for redundancy and resiliency

  • Knowledge of clustering, replication, & snapshot based technologies with eventual data consistency

  • Strong analytical abilities involving complex software in a parallel processing environment

  • Capable of providing quick turns on product technical design and prototyping

  • Strong grasp of data structures and algorithm design/analysis

  • Strong experience with SQL

  • In-depth knowledge of software engineering practices, programming concepts, techniques, and metrics

  • In-depth knowledge of Linux operating systems

  • Data driven decision maker with strong modeling and mathematical skills

  • Ability to understand business/customer needs and how that will impact technical designs

  • Understands Enterprise-class database products, architecture, and lifecycle around related products (Teradata, DB2/Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Big Data/Hadoop, etc...)

  • Understands database design patterns and enterprise design/development

  • Proactively raise standards for solution designs, coding practices, quality, and performance levels.

  • Passionately research, design, and develop technically solid & robust enterprise systems for scale & continuous availability

  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment;

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision;

  • Good written and oral communication skills


Minimum Requirements: BS or higher in Computer Science (or related degree) 12+ years working experience as Software Develp,emt Engineer and last 5+ years as Architect or equivalent role In-depth knowledge of complex, multi-threaded network applications in a Linux / BigData / Cloud environment(s) In-depth knowledge of high availability, high scalability concepts and techniques – Architected/implemented few of these ideas on his/her own Knowledge of Agile Software Development Life Cycle Familiarity with Linux kernel internalsPreferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science (or related discipline)

  • Familiarity with open source and new technologies

  • Knowledge and use of code Cloud Technologies

  • Advanced Knowledge of Java / Other High-level language

  • Experience working with high end data base technologies and other related open source technologies

  • Post-Graduate in IT/Computer Science/CSE with 12+ Years of experience in high end technologies and esteemed software development organization – most recent 5+ years as an Architect or equivalent role.

  • Experience with Cloud and virtualization technologies - AWS, Azure, OpeStack, CloufFoundry, VMware etc ..

  • Experience in working with latest greatest is a plus : Kuberbetes, Docker, EC2 tech, Data Lakes, Predictive/Prescriptive analytics, Ansible/Chef/Puppet

  • Experience on projects implementations, test with deployment via Agile & devops style.

  • Experience working with high end data base technologies and other related open source technologies

  • Very good knowledge on Teradata Data base / Hadoop (Or equivalent Db) product involving Administration, implementation concepts and tools/utilities.

  • Sound knowledge in various Linux flavours & system internals

  • Sound knowledge in programming, scripting in advanced technologies.

  • Good knowledge in Hadoop technologies & Aster.

  • Experience with Architecture/Design and sound knowledge in next generation CI test frameworks

  • Experience with Confluence, Jiri, and Subversion

About Our Team

We are a fast moving team located in Hyderabad. We have an open source background and approach to coding, centered around collaboration and transparency. We work with distributed teams in San Diego, California.

On our team UDA-Platform-Technologies - (UDA : Unified Data Architecture), you'll build the software for the new products and Core Cloud/Deployment Automation and Engineering Tools that are at the heart of building our new products for the company that gave birth to big data. We're an extremely agile team that builds modern software built on cutting edge tech.