Teradata Data Scientist in Shanghai, China


  • Understand customer business requirements and use cases;

  • Use in-house or open source analytic tools and machine learning, deep learning skills to analyze data;

  • Deliver insightful analytics that solve key client business problems;

  • Data mining and screening of rich data sources.


  • B.A. degree with 5-7 years working experiences, or Master degree with 2-3 working experience (criteria for years of working experience can be less stringent if the candidates have enough project experience);

  • Strong mathematical and statistical background;

  • Able to communicate with business and IT leaders in a way that can influence how an organization approaches business;

  • Familiar with at least one of these tools: R, Python, Tensorflow, SAS, Aster, SPSS, Matlab, Hive, etc;

  • Experience in Spark, Hadoop, Docker;

  • Knowledge of database and distributed file system;

  • 强大的数学和统计背景;能够以影响组织如何处理业务的方式与业务和IT领导者进行沟通;熟悉这些工具中的至少一个:R,Python,Tensorflow,SAS,Aster,SPSS,Matlab,Hive等;Spark,Hadoop,Docker的经验;了解数据库和分布式文件系统。